Solo & Ensemble Festival

Solo & Ensemble Festival provides 7th & 8th graders an opportunity to perform for an evaluator with an accompanist or with friends.  You'll receive valuable tips on how to improve your playing skills.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the festival will take place on Saturday, November 4
at HTMS!  Students may perform a solo (with piano accompaniment) and/or up to two ensembles.

To ensure that students are prepared and represent our band well, they will play for the directors at two "performance checkpoints" before the festival:

Entry Forms and Fees due
Thursday, 8/31
Music Approval
by Friday, 9/8
Performance checkpoint #1                          
by Friday, 10/13
Performance checkpoint #2
by Friday, 10/27
Solo & Ensemble Festival       
Saturday, 11/4 @ HTMS!

Solo & Ensemble Permission Form (2017-2018)

Congratulations to our 57 Solo & Ensemble Festival Participants!  (2017-2018)


Bhairavi C., flute
Karthik V., clarinet
Jolee N., bassoon
Evan B., alto saxophone

Joshua M., horn
Sanjay R., trombone
Joseph S., marimba


Bhairavi C., flute
Madison N., flute
Henna N., flute

Arina K., flute
Juhi R., clarinet
Maahi P., clarinet

Lisa M., flute
Gabbie M., flute
Yuvi C., clarinet
Camille F., clarinet

Michelle, B., clarinet
Natalya L., clarinet

Karthik V., clarinet
Geran T., clarinet

Jacob A., clarinet
Spencer F., marimba

Dylan F., clarinet
De'Anthony R., trumpet

Alex H., clarinet
Thomas N., baritone saxophone
Jack N., tuba

Patrick B., trumpet
Andres C., alto saxophone
Lou E., alto saxophone

William H., bassoon
David P., horn
Tony N., trumpet
Matthew H., bassoon
Lane M., euphonium

Natalie K., trumpet
Carly S., trumpet

Cameron M., trumpet
Ben S., trumpet
Jack K., trumpet

Connor J., trumpet
Nicky C., trumpet

Bruno H., trumpet
Sanjay R., trombone
Josian M., trombone

Emma A., trombone
Jake B., trombone
Joliegh J., trombone

Leah H., horn
Theron N., tuba
David N., tuba

Allister S., snare drum/bongo
Evan W., shaker/snare drum
Tabitha K., bass drum/conga

Arjun D., vibraphone
Gillen J., toms

Chase C., snare drum
Carrington L., snare drum
Michael C., snare drum